“How do you charge Alarmshock?”

Alarmshock has rechargeable batteries that can be charged from a mains power supply. The docking station will charge the band.


“Will it break when I’m sleeping?”

Alarmshock is durable and comfortable for the most fidgety of sleepers and the lock will make sure the band stays securely on your wrist.


“Can you add mobile connectivity to it?”

Alarmshock is here to guarantee you get up, we do not want to be mistaken for a smart watch.


“Can you set multiple alarms for different days of the week?”

Alarmshock remembers the previous alarm you set, it will hold that data to make it simple to set each time you use it.


“How powerful is the shock?”

The first shock is a very small tingle because we did not want to scare users from sleeping 😉 but the power will increase the longer you keep it on and although the pain threshold varies for different people, we certainly think it gets pretty damn powerful.


“Do I have to keep the docking station in my kitchen?”

No, but we recommend that if Alarmshock is to benefit its users, its kept in a far away room and certainly not next to your bed!!


“What happens if the power cuts out, or the docking station malfunctions? How will I unlock the band?

Alarmshock has a manual override which is kept inside the docking station.