Our mission is to provide an option to those who need it. Not everyone struggles to get #Straightup but for those who do, nothing on today’s market fixes this problem.

We know first hand the impact it can have with your day and we are excited to be making a difference.

If one person saves just 10 minutes a day on snooze they didn’t need. That would total up around 60 hours in a year. Over two days wasted on snooze that’s making you more tired.

Callum Reece
Callum Reece, Founder/Inventor (Patent No: GB2530114)

That’s how we will make a difference one snooze at a time.


It made me sad when I realised how much of my life I was wasting on sleep I didn’t need. I made the connection between being able to get up for work at the last minute, but never on the time I originally set my alarm… It was fear of the negative consequences I would receive for being late for work that motivated me out of bed.

I knew if I could create a more immediate consequence for not getting up, my morning wouldn’t be a mad rush. Only then will I have solved this problem.

Like so many people, I have always worked long and unsociable hours that prevented my body from developing a functional body clock. It would take me less than two seconds to turn my alarm completely off and oversleep for hours – it’s easy to be lazy when you’re half asleep with your head on a pillow.

We believe in getting the most out of life in everything we do. We know by making our wearable technology safe, comfortable and user friendly, Alarmshock will change lives for the better. That’s why we will make the most effective high-end wake up systems.

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