Are you FRUSTRATED with yourself because you didn’t get out of bed on time to do things you promised yourself you would do?
Yesterday it was today, today it’s tomorrow…
Well NOW it’s Alarmshock.
Changes in the way you think when you wake up, will push you straight up to begin your day more positively.
That negative voice listing all the reasons not to get up in the morning will be a thing of the PAST!
Alarmshock is the first thing you think of when you wake up and because you can’t take it off.. It’s NOT going away until you get your ASS UP!




Alarmshocks type of sleepers



Snoozing level Pro

Alarm sounds, snooze, snooze, snooze, snooze, snooze, gets up…LATE!!



Alarm sounds, turns alarm off. Wakes up late blaming the alarm, but forgetting they actually turned it off when they were still in a light sleep…LATE!!


The Gambler

Alarm sounds, turns alarm off and doesn’t get straight up, sometimes falls back to sleep by accident…LATE!!


The Alarmshocker

Alarm sounds, gets #Straightup and MOTIVATED !!


The Student

Too exhausted from partying the night before, so doesn’t hear any alarm (usually misses class)…LATE!!


Brave Alarmshocker

Alarm sounds, snooze, Zapp!, Gets up.




Why Alarmshock Works


Completely CHANGES the way you think in the morning.

With Alarmshock, your brain soon realises that the pleasure of snoozing is not an option and avoids the discomfort of the shock. Staying in bed with Alarmshock is harder than getting up.


Doesn’t wake you up, it GETS you up!

For years inventors and businesses have been coming up with different ways to wake you up. But that’s ALL these new alarms do, is wake you up.




Perfect Design

Alarmshock has been tested by ‘hard-core snoozers’, and they all say you can’t avoid it. When your alarm goes off, your only choices are:

1. Get up and start your day straight away. With Alarmshock, snoozing will be the least desirable option!

2. Stay asleep and ZAPPED!


Willpower to get up earlier.

With Alarmshock you have to get up, this gives you time to fully wake up and make better decisions to do the things yourself you said you would when you set your alarm but that bit earlier.


Healthy sleep pattern

By getting up at the same time every day, you can train yourself into a reliable sleep pattern making it easier and easier to get up.


Comfortable Design

The band is slimline and lightweight so you won’t even notice you have it on.

We have kept the band smooth and soft whilst remaining strong enough not to be stretched or pulled off your wrist.